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  • Raccoon versus energy transformer ends in fire, power outage

    CRAIG, COLO. Thirty-one homeowners in Colorado have a pesky raccoon to blame for a power outage and fire on Sunday. [View Details]
  • Why use a Toroidal Transformer?

    EEIO Toroidal transformers meet modern day requirements for a smaller size, low magnetic interference field transformer. Featuring a nearly ideal physical construction, the design engineer can expect excellent performance. [View Details]
  • Advantages of Toroidal Windings

    Because the toroid is a closed-loop core it will have a higher magnetic field and thus higher inductance and Q factor than an inductor of the same value with a straight core (solenoid coils). This is because most of the magnetic field is contained within the core. [View Details]
  • How to Choose Toroidal Transformer you need?

    A transformer is a static piece of electrical equipment which transfers power from one voltage system to another by means of electromagnetic induction. At the basic level, all transformers consist of a metallic coil which which carries the electric current, and a ferrous core which creates the magnetic field. [View Details]

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