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Why use a Toroidal Transformer?
2017-07-17 11:01:35

Why use a Toroidal Transformer?


The toroidal transformer has the following main advantages over a similarly rated conventional unit:

APPLICATION: EEIO Toroidal transformers meet modern day requirements for a smaller size, low magnetic interference field transformer. Featuring a nearly ideal physical construction, the design engineer can expect excellent performance. Small size and weight ( approximately 50% of conventional transformers), extremely low in noise and low stray magnetic field make the toroidal transformer ideal for compact power supplies. Modern production techniques make it possible to produce toroidal transformers at practically the same prices as conventional transformers.

QUALITY The EEIO logo on your toroidal transformer is your guarantee of quality and safety. Tortech has a total commitment to quality as evidenced by the fact that our manufacturing plant in Australia is fully approved to ISO-9002.

HIGHER EFFICIENCY EEIO toroidal transformers are manufactured with the highest quality materials which allow a saving of approximately 50% in weight compared with conventional laminated transformers. EEIO toroids offer significant space savings against other toroidal manufacturers which utilize lower grade steel in their production.

ENERGY SAVINGS Up to 86% at no-load and 36% under load conditions. Realizing that the initial cost of the transformer is important, it is not by any means the entire story. International focus on the effect that energy production has on the environment has resulted in a continuing increase in the cost of energy. The use of Tortech transformers in place of conventional laminates offers significant energy savings.

FLEXIBLE DIMENSIONS EEIO transformers offer a high degree of dimensional flexibility compared with conventional laminated transformers. Since cores are produced in our own core manufacturing and annealing facilities at each site, it is possible to make a core to virtually any diameter and height. Our engineers work closely with the customer's design group and can usually tailor a toroidal transformer to fit into tight spaces which would normally be inaccessible to conventional transformers.


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